How to put together a DIY printable cake topper
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How to put together a DIY printable cake topper

Dec 22, 2021

If you can’t decorate a cake to save your life and spending big bucks on a customised cake is a little out of reach, printable cake toppers are a quick and easy (and also affordable!) way to lift your birthday cake game.

What on earth is a printable cake topper, you ask?

It’s a digital file of your cake topper design that you print, cut out and assemble yourself at home. Don’t worry - it’s easier than you think!

When you purchase a printable cake topper template from the Linen & Wove store you'll receive an automated email from Templett with a link to access your template. 

Type in your custom text, then select the white rectangle behind the text and adjust it to suit the height of your cake topper artwork. The white background acts as a guide for you to cut out your cake topper. If you have a longer name, please use the template on the next page.

Keep in mind the width of your Linen & Wove cake topper is currently 15cm. If you would like to adjust it, select all of the artwork and make it smaller or larger as needed.

When you're happy with your design, click "Download" and "PDF".

Print out your cake topper at home or at a print and copy shop such as Officeworks or Staples. White card about 200gsm would be ideal so that it can support its own weight but is thin enough for you to cut out with scissors.

 You’ll need scissors, tape and skewers or paper straws.  


Then you’ll need:

• Scissors (and/or a craft knife and cutting mat)
• Tape
• Skewers or paper straws

Cut along the white border around the artwork, then use the tape to stick skewers or paper straws onto the back.


Cut along the white border


Stick the skewers/straws onto the back 


Insert onto the top of your cake and voila! You have a cake topper that took you less than 15 minutes to assemble!

Check out the Linen & Wove store for a printable cake or cupcake topper to suit your party theme!